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Pixel Gun 3D is an addictive shooting game created by Alex Krasnov. It's an FPS game with a variety of guns, addictive online and lan multiplayer, and a Survival Mode with Cooperate, Deathmatch, and Single Campaign Mode.

This wiki will attempt to describe all weapons in the best of ability, maps, tutorials and various other things.

You can help and start adding pages and edit pages to make them better!

Wikia Rules

Like any other perfect Wiki, this one have rules that visitors and members must obey to avoid being blocked/banned from the wiki. You cannot make unnecessary edits or take cursing too far. Please go through the following rules to avoid being banned:

Editing Rules:

  1. Do not add false categories
  2. Do not add random spaces (or categories) and edit the page and delete what you just edited. 
  3. Do NOT vandalise! Vandalism will result in a ban.
  4. Do not add random photos or pictures and then delete them just to get badges. This is called farming badges and is absolutely not tolerated.

Commenting Rules:

  1. Remember, this is an UNOFFICIAL wiki so raging against the wiki makes no difference.
  2. Use appropriate language (no bullying, no inappropriate language)
  3. Respect all other users and their opinions. You can criticize but not in a rude way.

Chat Rules:

  2. Do NOT harrass another user.
  3. Do not spam the chat.

Newest Updates

What's New in version 7.0.2

  • Bug fixes.
  • Now you can to rec & share your replays! (Android devices with 4.0 and lower as well as devices without H.264 encoder - are not supported yet.)
  • New CLANS system in FRIENDS section.
  • New map - Nuclear City
  • New gun - Bass Cannon
  • Bug fixes.

What's New in version 6.2.1

  • New cool maps! 
    • Heaven Garden 
    • King of the Hill 
    • Pirates! (Day & Night version) 
  • New PREMIUM maps! 
    • Atlantis 
    • Ant's Life 
    • Inside the CODE 
  • A new map for DEADLY GAMES
  • New weapons: 
    • Flower Power (based on fan art) 
    • Big Buddy 
  • New accessories. 
  • Ninja TABI. Try absolutely new parkour abilities in each map! 
  • New pack of cool SKINS in profile section. 
  • Special effects for all accessories! Different booster for any gaming style. 
  • New features in FRIENDS network: 
    • Friend's SKINS & ACCESSORIES. Check out what kind of stuff use your friends! 
    • Leaderboards. Find your name in TOP 100 players from all around the world! 
    • Facebook invitations. 
  • Game size is reduced! 
  • Full memory usage & productivity optimization for all devices. 
  • A lot of bug fixes.

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